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Someone on Windows Live – Oct. 16, 2009 – Delete
I just found your photo’s they are great. I was part of the AHAC group you were photographing.

Someone on Windows Live – Dec. 22, 2009 – Delete
I had the honor of visiting the most memorable cemetery in my world. There, in peace, are all who paid the highest price but we are there caretakers and must preserve the liberty for which they laid down their lives. God Bless America and it fallen as well as those who continue every day to sacrifice for the future.

George Patton Waters, grand-son General George S. Patton 21 December, 2009

Leonard Holzapfel – Jan. 8, 2010 – Delete
Elmer: I still remember Luxembourg. The long wall and big bridge


Phil – Specht from Belgi… – Apr. 26, 2010 – Delete
Very nice pictures…….I’m Phil from the Belgian Scouts who was present by the Eagle Scout ceremonie of Matthew Wagner……..
Maybe we meet again this weekend in Wiltz when we are also there for the Spring Camporee with the BSA/TAC
Greetings and take care

Sandra MacDuffee – June 2, 2010 – Delete
As always, thank you for taking beautiful pictures of the Memorial Day Service at Hamm. And thank you for remembering my Dad Pfc John Chichilla and the other markers you took the time to photograph. I so wish we could be there every year but since that’s not possible, it is wonderful to know that there are Luxembourgers like you who remember not just a few but all of the heroes lying in rest at Hamm. God bless you all.
Don and Sandy MacDuffee USA

Someone on Windows Live – June 4, 2010 – Delete
Dear Nico, Thank you once again for the wonderful photos of Memorial Day in Luxembourg. They are just terrific. The photos of the artillery firing are especially dramatic. I will use some of them when I prepare a report for the AWON website. I will be in Luxembourg for Friendship Week and hope to see you then. Through your website and your photos, you perform a great service for all who are interested in Luxembourg, the cemetery and the Battle of the Bulge. Roger McKee Connor, San Diego, California, USA

2 responses to “Earlier Comments

  1. BOdo 'bost

    Hallo Herr Schroeder,

    ich suche noch immer die Photos vom Empfang bei der russischen Botschaft in Luxemburg. Wo finde ich sie?

    Besten Dank, viele Grüße

    Bodo Bost.

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