Nico’s daughter Nicole at Ewald Schroeder’s gravesite April 2015

Nicole at Ewald grave 15 April 2015


2015/04/16 · 11:36 pm

10 responses to “Nico’s daughter Nicole at Ewald Schroeder’s gravesite April 2015

  1. Hermann Schlortt

    Minnie Schlortt passed away 1/7/2020 in Uvalde, Texas. She was a first cousin of Ewald Schroeder and sent much information to Nico. Hope they can now meet each other

    • Thank you Mr. Schlortt. Yes, hopefully they can meet each other. Nico was my best friend and I created the blog for him but have not been able to contribute much to it since he passed away in January 2015. He was a great amateur photographer, among other things. Unfortunately he never managed to visit the United States to meet Minnie in person. I don’t check the site often nowadays as it is dormant, and this is why I didn’t see your message until now. The documents and photographs Minnie sent to Nico are now kept in the new permanent archive at the Luxembourg American Cemetery ( ), and some of them are on display in the visitor center there as well. I worked there from 1992 until I retired in 2016. If you or any other member of Ewald’s family would like more information you/they can contact me directly at erwinfranzen-at-gmail-dot-com .

  2. Jeannine Hoppe Miller

    Thank you for this information, only a little bit of which I previously knew. Ewald was my father’s cousin, and was much grieved by his extended family when he died in WWII. His death caused a rift between his mother and her sister (my father’s mother)—because Ewald was an only child, but my Grandma had 5 boys, all survived WWII. Terrible sad. Time has equalized the loss, at this point.

  3. Dieter Thomas Freitag

    Ich hat einen Kameraden . Einen besseren findst Du nicht …..

    Adieu Nico !!!

    Dein Freund


  4. Viljo Martinmaki

    This is my first visit to this wonderful site in some time and I am crushed to hear that Nico has passed away. I have spent many hours perusing this site over the years and am grateful to Nico for the wonderful service he performed for the fallen American servicemen. My father was lucky enough to come home from the European theater (2nd Armored Div) and I find it very comforting to see that so many people still care about our men who are resting over the sea. My best wishes to Nico’s family!

  5. Diana White Depremo

    Does anyone have information on Marvin E. White May 25 1945 Iowa?

  6. Dieter Thomas Freitag

    Liebe Nicole !

    Wie gut das es im Leben noch Werte gibt welche nicht dem Wandel des Zeitgeistes unterworfen sind. Nico und ich waren so oft auf dem amerikanischen und dem deutschen Soldatenfriedhof in Hamm und Sandweiler. Es freut mich sehr ” The Next Generation ” in unserem Geist hier zu sehen.

    Dein Freund



    Thank God for Nico. He did much to preserve the memory of American soldiers, including my father, at Hamm.

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