Nico Schroeder 1934-2015 — R.I.P.

In late afternoon of 22 January Nico Schroeder passed away after a cerebral hemorrhage and a massive heart attack. He had been in intensive care in Luxembourg City’s main hospital since he broke his neck when he suffered a stroke and a bad fall on some steps near his home late on 7 January.

He will be interred next to his wife Maggy in the Merl cemetery in Luxembourg City at 16:00 (4 p.m.) on Tuesday 27 January 2015 and a funeral mass will be held for him in the Belair Catholic church an hour later.

As is the custom in Luxembourg, donations can be made to a charity in honor of Nico.

His family has chosen the following charitable associations for this purpose:

Association Luxembourg Alzheimer ( )
BCEELULL – LU06 0019 1000 6828 3000
BILLLULL – LU11 0029 1565 1646 9200
BGLLLULL – LU49 0030 1128 5679 0000

Autisme Luxembourg ( )
CCPLLULL – LU49 1111 0725 2061 0000
BCEELULL – LU56 0019 1000 1849 2000


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10 responses to “Nico Schroeder 1934-2015 — R.I.P.

  1. nico was a great man he should much support and love to the lakota people Henry Red Cloud is the direct 5th generation descendant of Chief Red Cloud, one of the last Lakota war chiefs and one of the most famous Native American he Nico supported the lakota people we love him and will miss him. Henry Red Cloud and medicine turtle where there at the Luxembourg American Cemetery. nico was also with the chief of the lakota alfred red cloud support the lakota people in pine ridge
    all our thanks he was a great man
    cherokee medicine man medicine turtle

  2. Donna O'Brien

    Very sorry to hear of Nico’s passing. My uncle is buried in Luxembourg and I always looked forward to seeing the Memorial Day photos Nico posted. He will be missed by many and my condolences go out to his family and friends.

  3. Ogochi

    I met Nico about a year ago when my friend & I (American students) were visiting Luxembourg. I remember how cheerful & welcoming he was towards us. That memory sent me looking for his website today…I’m sad to hear that he is gone. May he rest in peace with the Lord!

  4. Gerald M. McCarthy
    It is with great sadness that I heard of Nico’s accident and resulting untimely death. My wife Jane and I were fortunate to spend two memorable days as guests of Nico and his friends Constant and Daniel of the U. S. Veterans Friends, Luxembourg on our way to Normandy in May 2014. On behalf of the U.S. Army 249th Engineer Battalion Association, some of whose living members fought under Gen. George S. Patton in the Battle of the Bulge, I offer my sincerest sympathy to Nico’s family and friends.
    Gerald M. McCarthy, President
    U. S. Army 249th Engineer Battalion Association

  5. Patrick Hinchy

    I accompanied many veterans back to Luxembourg over the years and Nico was always there with his wonderful smile to welcome us and record our visit with his camera. The last and what was very sadly to be the final time was with the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Association on December 16 2014 at Luxembourg American Cemetery for the 70th Anniversary commemoration. Nico, we shall greatly miss you, but at least we have your superb photos to remember you by.

  6. Uwe Kensing

    I lost my best Luxembourgish friend.
    Uwe Kensing

  7. Dieter Thomas Freitag GeoArchiv Nordost-Bayern Fuerth / Germany

    Nico thank You for beiing my friend in the memory of the good times You will always with us. R.I.P

  8. Lyons Stephen

    Col Duerr’s comments say it all. I got to know Nico, when I met him at the US Cemetery many years ago. I would often see him there (I am an LCTO guide),(time and group permitting) we would always have a chat. He certainly had a passion for his photography and his wonderful web site was a big help to me as a guide. He will be greatly missed. A true gentleman!
    My sincere condolences to his family.
    Steve Lyons

  9. Fernand Alain Kridel

    I assure you my deepest sympathy and my sincere condolences on the passing away of our dear friend Nico R.I.P.

  10. Hans Duerr

    I only met Nico once, when he gave me a private tour of the cemetery. His knowledge and demeanor left a lasting impression on me. I am thankful for the work he did and the passion he showed for it. I will cherish his memory always.
    COL (ret) Hans Duerr, US Army

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