One of America’s greatest WWII generals is interred in the Luxembourg American Cemetery.
He commanded the Third Army during its sweep across France, its push north to liberate besieged Bastogne in the Battle of the Bulge – when it created this cemetery – and the advance through southern Germany, and into Austria and Czechoslovakia. He broke his neck in a car accident in Germany in December 1945, died 12 days later in a Heidelberg hospital and was buried here on Christmas Eve of that year.
George Patton, grandson
Daughter-in-law and granddaughter
Family of Gen. Patton
Great grandson Ingmar
One of Gen. Patton’s grandsons (top photo, center); US Ambassador Ann Wagner (above)


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2 responses to “GENERAL GEORGE S. PATTON, Jr.

  1. Lizabet N. Setliff

    Aloha My name is Lizabeth Setliff, My husband and I are currently living in Hawaii in the house that General Patton, and his family occupied. (Quarters 6 on Fort Shafter).
    I love being here, as a young girl I remember watching George C. Scott play General Patton in the movie about him. I was so impressed, I had no inkling that I would ever live in the same house that he had lived in.
    This I would have to say is the high point for me of my husbands career.
    I have been purchasing books about the General and of course the movie about him. I am so intrigued, and I am so very proud to live here, I tell everyone how fortunate I am and can’t resist telling everyone I am in the house that Patton lived in. He even built part of the attic. I hope that you read this, and you are welcome to come stay or visit if you like, any of the General’s relatives are welcome to come see one of the homes that he lived in. The house is on the historic register here and tour busses come here everyday, and drive by this wonderful home..
    My Husband Skip is currently the Chief of Staff of USARPAC here..
    I wish so badly that I could get in contact with his family some how…
    Highest regards.
    Lizabeth Setliff

    • Maryanne

      Hi Lizabet,
      My brother used to date General Patton’s Great Niece. We still are in touch with the Patton family.

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