Thank you

Message from Nico’s bereaved family:
We are deeply grateful to all of Nico’s friends and acquaintances who have expressed their condolences to us and their appreciation of our beloved and unforgettable father, grandfather, father-in-law, brother-in-law and uncle with kind words and in other ways. Thank you so much.

1-Thank you message

(This is the last photo of Nico alive and well, taken a short time before his accident on 7 January 2015.)


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7 responses to “Thank you


    I had the pleasure of meeting Nico in 2012. I was working for the US Army in Germany and took my parents to Luxembourg while they were visiting. As we exited my car at Sandweiler, Nico approached and introduced himself. Hearing Nico’s story meant so much to my father, who joined the US military after watching his own father serve during WWII. Nico was a treasure and I am saddened to hear of his passing. May his memory and smile live long and bring comfort.

  2. Sally Monks

    I visited the cemetery last week and Nico’s story really touched me. I’m so sorry to hear of his death, he sounded like a remarkable man who did a really kind and selfless thing, his namesake would be so proud and I’m sure all the remaining family are too. Thank you for touching my heart.

  3. Mary Meyer Nguyen

    Nico helped me locate the Krier family who had adopted my father’s grave. He also took pictures of all 60+ graves of Arkansans when I placed a rose on each a few years ago. He was a generous and loving friend to all who had family or friends buried at Hamm. My prayers are with his family.

  4. JES chmidt

    He will be remembered always for the rest of my time …

  5. Hansen Anny

    Nico schroeder was a jovial and very good man, he will have a place in my heart for ever. anny Hansen. Entente des sociétés Luxembourg-Hamm


    I have enjoyed Nico’s site for several years. I used his photos when I was Stateside Coordinator for AWON for Memorial Day in Luxembourg. Such a fine generous man. A true friend of American soldiers and their families. A tribute to him will be in the next AWON Star.

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