Nico’s accident

This is just to let all of Nico’s friends and acquaintances know that in the evening of 7 January 2015 Nico broke his neck in a bad fall on some steps near his home. The injury is very serious and he has been kept in an artificial coma in Luxembourg City’s main hospital since that day while doctors are trying to help him recover. He has many activities planned but the accident will keep him grounded for a while…. 


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7 responses to “Nico’s accident

  1. nico was a great man he should much support and love to the lakota people Henry Red Cloud is the direct 5th generation descendant of Chief Red Cloud, one of the last Lakota war chiefs and one of the most famous Native American he Nico supported the lakota people we love him and will miss him. Henry Red Cloud and medicine turtle where there at the Luxembourg American Cemetery. nico was also with the chief of the lakota alfred red cloud support the lakota people in pine ridge
    all our thanks he was a great man
    cherokee medicine man medicine turtle

  2. Hans Duerr

    All the best wishes from America for a speedy recovery, COL Duerr

  3. raschrodu

    Nico, ech dénken un Dech an hoffen a biéden dass d’Doktren Dech erëm séier fit kréien a mir eis erëm kënnen erëmgesin.
    Bis dann, Raym S.

  4. Christoph Freitag

    Knowing Nico since I was a child, hope he will recover, he’s such a good person. Best wishes from the entire family.

  5. Dieter Thomas Freiag

    We always think of you and wish a soon and good recovery. You have so many plans, make them come true my old friend !

  6. Lyons Stephen

    Very bad news. wish him a speedy and complete recovery!

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