My namesake Ewald Schroeder

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PFC Ewald E. Schroeder, TX, 112 Infantry 28 Division, grave B-5-55. Fell under German machine-gun fire on Wallendorf bridge at German-Lux. border 20 Sep. 1944. — Pictures below: Location of PFC Schroeder’s grave in the cemetery; the bunker from where German soldiers fired at his unit crossing the Sauer (Sûre) River; and the bridge where he fell; also, a message to the 28th Division from their enemies on the German side in the Battle of the Bulge, mentioning the fate of Schroeder’s 112th Infantry Regiment.
7-Schroeder Ewald Hamm Cemetery 6-R001-058  4-R001-065 3-R001-062 2-R001-052 1-R001-048


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3 responses to “My namesake Ewald Schroeder

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  2. Hermann Schlortt

    Nico, My mother Minnie Schlortt has wanted me to contact you to thank you for all the care and attention you have given to Ewald. I have retired to the family farm and now have time to dedecate to the family history.

    • Hello,
      Thank You so muxh for Your message. I think You know all about me. Your mother is for me as my family. Every day I go to see E w a l d. He gave his life for my liberty.I never can thanks anough what Your Mother gave me about Ewald. Thank You for all . Big big kiss to Minnie.

      I will phone here on next Monday

      Please give me also Your address


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