My namesake Ewald Schroeder

E78E9BC611219B3C_2844_5  E78E9BC611219B3C_2844_2
PFC Ewald E. Schroeder, TX, 112 Infantry 28 Division, grave B-5-55. Fell under German machine-gun fire on Wallendorf bridge at German-Lux. border 20 Sep. 1944. — Pictures below: Location of PFC Schroeder’s grave in the cemetery; the bunker from where German soldiers fired at his unit crossing the Sauer (Sûre) River; and the bridge where he fell; also, a message to the 28th Division from their enemies on the German side in the Battle of the Bulge, mentioning the fate of Schroeder’s 112th Infantry Regiment.
7-Schroeder Ewald Hamm Cemetery 6-R001-058  4-R001-065 3-R001-062 2-R001-052 1-R001-048


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2 responses to “My namesake Ewald Schroeder

  1. Hermann Schlortt

    Nico, My mother Minnie Schlortt has wanted me to contact you to thank you for all the care and attention you have given to Ewald. I have retired to the family farm and now have time to dedecate to the family history.

    • Hello,
      Thank You so muxh for Your message. I think You know all about me. Your mother is for me as my family. Every day I go to see E w a l d. He gave his life for my liberty.I never can thanks anough what Your Mother gave me about Ewald. Thank You for all . Big big kiss to Minnie.

      I will phone here on next Monday

      Please give me also Your address


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