Ewald Schroeder – Nico’s special friend

A rose on Ewald Schroeder’s grave for Memorial Day 2018. For information on Nico’s connection with this Texan soldier, please see:

My namesake Ewald Schroeder

How I got to know the cemetery



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Memorial Day ceremony 23 May 2015 – without Nico …

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2015/06/07 · 8:39 pm

Nico’s daughter Nicole at Ewald Schroeder’s gravesite April 2015

Nicole at Ewald grave 15 April 2015


2015/04/16 · 11:36 pm

Thank you

Message from Nico’s bereaved family:
We are deeply grateful to all of Nico’s friends and acquaintances who have expressed their condolences to us and their appreciation of our beloved and unforgettable father, grandfather, father-in-law, brother-in-law and uncle with kind words and in other ways. Thank you so much.

1-Thank you message

(This is the last photo of Nico alive and well, taken a short time before his accident on 7 January 2015.)


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Nico Schroeder 1934-2015 — R.I.P.

In late afternoon of 22 January Nico Schroeder passed away after a cerebral hemorrhage and a massive heart attack. He had been in intensive care in Luxembourg City’s main hospital since he broke his neck when he suffered a stroke and a bad fall on some steps near his home late on 7 January.

He will be interred next to his wife Maggy in the Merl cemetery in Luxembourg City at 16:00 (4 p.m.) on Tuesday 27 January 2015 and a funeral mass will be held for him in the Belair Catholic church an hour later.

As is the custom in Luxembourg, donations can be made to a charity in honor of Nico.

His family has chosen the following charitable associations for this purpose:

Association Luxembourg Alzheimer ( http://www.alzheimer.lu )
BCEELULL – LU06 0019 1000 6828 3000
BILLLULL – LU11 0029 1565 1646 9200
BGLLLULL – LU49 0030 1128 5679 0000

Autisme Luxembourg ( http://www.autisme.lu/ )
CCPLLULL – LU49 1111 0725 2061 0000
BCEELULL – LU56 0019 1000 1849 2000


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Nico’s accident

This is just to let all of Nico’s friends and acquaintances know that in the evening of 7 January 2015 Nico broke his neck in a bad fall on some steps near his home. The injury is very serious and he has been kept in an artificial coma in Luxembourg City’s main hospital since that day while doctors are trying to help him recover. He has many activities planned but the accident will keep him grounded for a while…. 


The manager of this site.


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One of America’s greatest WWII generals is interred in the Luxembourg American Cemetery.
He commanded the Third Army during its sweep across France, its push north to liberate besieged Bastogne in the Battle of the Bulge – when it created this cemetery – and the advance through southern Germany, and into Austria and Czechoslovakia. He broke his neck in a car accident in Germany in December 1945, died 12 days later in a Heidelberg hospital and was buried here on Christmas Eve of that year.
George Patton, grandson
Daughter-in-law and granddaughter
Family of Gen. Patton
Great grandson Ingmar
One of Gen. Patton’s grandsons (top photo, center); US Ambassador Ann Wagner (above)


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Colonel Lansing McVickar, whose unit, 318 Infantry 80 Division, liberated Ettelbrück


Grave A-4-5


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PFC Philip W. Weis, Lux. American Cemetery, grave E-3-12

Private First Class Philip W. Weis (of Minnesota) was killed on 6 January 1945 in the woods at Schumann’s Eck near the town of Wiltz/Luxembourg. He was a member of the 328th Infantry Regiment of the 26th “Yankee” Division, which was fighting its way north towards besieged Bastogne as part of Gen. Patton’s Third Army. Weis died only 6 miles from the former home of his grandfather, who had emigrated to Minnesota in 1871.

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2nd Lt. Fredric T. Neel , Lux. American Cemetery, grave F-2-5

2nd Lt. Fredric T. Neel (front row, right) was killed in action on 24 May 1944.  He was navigator on a no-name B-17, 401st Bomb Squadron, 91 Bomb Group (Heavy) that crashed just off the coast of Sweden. The 91st was flying as part of an armada of 616 heavy bombers who flew a mission to bomb aircraft plants in Berlin that day.  The pilot of the B-17 was William Nee.
The 91st Bomb Group was attacked by German fighters while in the vicinity of Berlin. William Nee’s B-17 received direct hits by 20-mm canon shells, which started a fire in the electircal wiring that controlled the intercom and also affected the alarm bell, which was used to tell the crew members to bail out.
The fire appeard to be uncontrollable and Nee alerted the crew to bail out by intercom and turned on the alarm bell.  He then bailed out with the copilot and flight engineer.  The other six members of the crew evidently didn’t hear the bailout order or the alarm bell. The Navigator, Neel, put the fire out and climbed into the pilot’s seat.  Tail gunner Spaulding climbed into the copilot’s seat and the navigator flew the B-17 on a course that would take them to Sweden.  After making several passes at landing the aircraft on land, Neel had the others bail out over land and then apparently bailed out himself prior to setting the aircraft down just off the coast. Neel was drowned in this attempt. Of the six men who flew with the B-17 to Sweden, only three men survived.

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