THE ONLY WOMAN in Lux. American Cemetery

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2LT Nancy Leo, an Army nurse from Maryland, is the only woman buried among the 5,076 soldiers in the Luxembourg American Cemetery. She died in a jeep accident in Paris on 24 July 1945. Her grave is H-9-71.


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2 responses to “THE ONLY WOMAN in Lux. American Cemetery

  1. why is nancy leos picture in black and white ? she is pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for letting people leave comments I know the lady at the visitors center we were recording her and she was telling us about nancy leo

    • The cemetery only has the B/W photo of Nancy, nothing in color. I must point out that unlike the lady you met at the visitor center I don’t work in the cemetery — I’m just a frequent visitor and friend of the people working there. Best regards.

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